Long Term Partnerships

We’ve served CBP for over 14 years with exceptional CPARS scores and high praise from both CBP and DHS Enterprise IT Compliance and NIST/FISMA/FIPS Cybersecurity auditors. CBP’s complex organizational structure has allowed us to develop scalable, agile, and responsive solutions to virtually every imaginable problem that may arise. Our highly praised approach to Surge Support was developed hand in hand with our CBP customers and benefits our entire customer base to this day. This is just one example of the value we see in forming long term relationships that allow us the opportunity to build and continuously improve innovative, best value solutions.

Obstacles Overcome and Lessons Learned

17 years of successful operation have provided us with a host of successes and our share of failure. Our Corporate Knowledge Base has benefitted from both and we continuously improve our service delivery every day as a result. Our regular, transparent, objective, actualization-driven analysis of our own actions and the resulting consequences is the key to our ability to provide truly Best Value Solutions today while ensuring that those solutions continuously improve as we grow and evolve alongside our customers.

Clear, Open, and Transparent Lines of Communication and Accountability

Even prior to our complete embrace of the ITIL Framework, RYAN’s leadership team has focused heavily on our active presence in every environment and organization that we work in. Any vendor can provide a Single Point of Contact but that adds a single point of failure as a fundamental building block of any organizational relationship. We eliminate this risk by providing a complete flowchart of accountability and points of contact that lead all the way back to Ryan Keith Harding himself. Our leadership team is not a scattered mess of beltway venture capitalists. We work for and with our customers every single day and provide unequaled access to our HQ staff should the need arise to engage them.

Risk Mitigation

As technology has advanced into a realm of near-magical complexity, so has the potential for that complexity to add unforeseen, unmitigated, undetected risks to any IT product, service, or solution. RYAN’s dedication to transparency and foresight where risk mitigation is concerned benefits from our mastery of the NIST Risk Management Framework, ITIL Foundation Risk Management best practices. Our hybrid approach provides not only easily digestible visual analyses of potential risks, but realistic, achievable action plans designed to eliminate, mitigate, identify, and control risk proactively. 

Price Reasonableness

The heart of our approach to managing our team members is our insistence on Price Reasonableness in every bid we submit. Our Recruiting Team uses real world salary data from multiple sources combined with a corporate historical ledger of labor category rates for regions across the United States. We hybridize this data with any relevant GWAC Schedule Pricing and adapt it to fit each customer’s needs. People who make too little produce the minimum required to stay employed while people who make too much often let it go to their heads and produce even less. People paid a fair salary for their work are comfortable yet motivated to grow and that’s the focus of our pricing and salary model. We provide the best people who produce the best results with the lowest risk at a truly Best Value price.

People. Not Resources.

If anything truly sets RYAN apart from our competitors it’s our family. Every member of our team from our Owner to our Program Managers to our Tier I Service Desk Analysts is treated like a human being; like we would want to be treated. Much like fair compensation, this approach to treating people like people and with respect for their service produces better results, lowers risk, drastically lowers turnover or attrition rates, and fosters a culture that results in people who smile when they come to work. To us, that means more than anything.

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