In an ever-changing landscape, organizations are constantly working to stay one step ahead of their competition. Focusing efforts on enhancing all facets of your company can be an efficient way to do this. At RYAN, we know what it takes to keep our clients running at an effective pace. Our software development helps us create lasting impressions that continuously increase the success of business operations.   

Software Application Development

RYAN has real world experience with both the Waterfall and Agile Models for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  With each process having positives and negatives, it is crucial to determine what your organization needs. Whether you need a more traditional, well thought out approach or one that can quickly translate an application to a full release at nearly any stage, RYAN is ready to assist.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises. The primary goal of BPR is to optimize end-to-end processes in order to realize an increased return on investment. BPRs core methodology involves migrating away from old ways of working and effecting radical redesigns of processes and workflows to achieve immediately meaningful, dramatic improvements.

Project Management

RYAN’s Program and Project Management services are integrated into every solution we deliver. Our approach follows industry standard framework that enables us to deliver the project management capability required by our customers in a consistent and repeatable manner. For over 16 years we have successfully employed these processes delivering exceptional, best value results to both Commercial and Government customers.

Staff Augmentation

RYAN’s staff augmentation service delivers meaningful, best value resources to organizations looking for staffing solutions. Identifying, hiring and retaining well-qualified technical staff may be the most challenging opportunity for fulfilling and maintaining the goals of any project. We leverage our referral network, partners, and our experienced pool of full-time corporate recruiters supported by a well-established personnel management system to attract, hire, develop, and retain qualified personnel.